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BookClub encourages students to read and socialize about BookClub's exciting weekly books. We reward avid readers with free books and other prizes.



Summer reading is one of the most critical parts of childhood educational development, allowing kids to retain their learned knowledge and discover new passions. However, it's a difficult time to be a young learner. The pandemic has limited their access to libraries and other educational resources. Worse still, students are unable to see and play with their friends, a critical component in their development. BookClub offers a chance for children to stay engaged academically and meet new, like-minded students throughout the summer.

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We are a group of Harvard College students who grew up as avid readers. Summers are a particularly special time for reading, but in light of COVID-19, many libraries have temporarily reduced services. We were inspired to keep students reading throughout the summer in a way that is fun and engaging. Feel free to contact any one of us if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Stay safe and happy reading!

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